Outfit #9

Missed me? Course you did… I know I know

I took a little time out after all that blogging and making pictures. I needed it so to say. I jumped into the next plane to Greece, threw my shepherd outfit over, grabbed some Ouzo bottles, stuffed them into my little bag and went up into the mountains to see what’s going on there.

Outfit 9-3


Well, I’m back now. And what can I say. Nothing going on up there.

Outfit 9-2


Pose: Le Poppycock-All the way
Hat: ~Entente~Fleur Fedora
Top: :: GORODEE :: u – neck.long tee / male
Pants: :: GORODEE :: slovenly softly pant / male
Shoes: JD – Roma Silver Black


Stockholm-Bicycle stand-alone


Outfit #8

Outfit 8-3


I entered the little restaurant trying to order something, but noone there. Went around the counter and served myself with coffee and cupcake. I’m gonna come back, Isa, and pay the bill later. On my way back through Crestwick streets I met the girl and asked her where all the people are and she said some cryptic stuff about end of time is coming near and such.


Outfit 8


Is she just kidding? Can anyone tell me?



Shades: ieQED ace.shades.gold
Jacket and shirt: Addams // Leather Jacket w/ Hoodie & Shirt
Pants: HooLigann Ink Jeans 479 BLUE

Outfit #7

People ask me a lot what I’m doing when I don’t make pictures or go to my work. Well, I thought, let’s give the people a little view into my private life. Here you go: For example, I go and get some icecream… or I stand at places with open mouth and try to be look unsuspicuous. Or whatever…

Outfit 7


Oh… or I go to clubs and watch the dancers sway their hips.

Outfit 7-2



Hat: JfL pork pie hat hemp canvas_natural
Jacket: [MALO] Peacoat and Hoodie
Jeans: HooLigan Ink Jeans 479
Cane: Etched Silver And Black Cane

Outfit #6

Boss told me to clear the streets from snow as soon as I can. Time is money’n’stuff like that… I asked him “Wha? All by myself with that old rotten caterpillar here? I’m happy when the engine starts man!” But of course, it’s my job and I do what I’m told. Engine started. Ran to get a big hammer to get the ice from the shovel and when I came back…

Outfit 6

… I thought I’m dreaming. “What the… are you doing up there?” I asked her. “Oh, boss sends me, he said you need some help.”

Well… that’s my life. What should I have done now? Send her home? Call my boss for being a fool? “Alright girl, sit beside me and try not to fall down…”, I said to her “…at least he gave you a helmet.”





Pose: Le Poppycock-Cool story
!APHORISM! Winchester Parka Men
!APHORISM! Men’s Regular Jeans Faded
!APHORISM! Leather Ankle Boots
Mesh Mining Helme


Outfit #5

This outfit is an outfit that was made for Corina’s birthday party. When I rang her bell, she opened with spread fingers and wet nails that she was painting for her first day of working. She said “Blow!”, which I did, and then: “Oh, you’re late, that party was last year.”

Seems I missed it. You see… I’m a bit slow.

Outfit 5 Zaara2


I turned around and sat a while at that little basin close to her door. Left the place while she stood at her door looking at me obviously wondering. “Call me when you make the next motto party!”, I said with a smile on my face thinking ‘oh my… I should get an appointment book’.

Outfit 5 Zaara1



Zaara: Nehru Suit jacket
Zaara: Nehru Suit pants
Zaara: Aahil turban drape
Zaara: Aahil turban *brocade ivory*
!APHORISM! Leather Ankle Boots Male Onyx
*S O R G O – EUH Shades/Wood (G)
Pose Le Poppycock-Can’t even

Outfit #4

She told me “let’s go together somewhere noone will find us…”. I said “ok”. She said “I get the scooter and  we meet at 9:00”. I said “ok”.



Next day she came and I was ready. I said “where can I sit?”



[Deadwool] The Dandy – formal jacket – brown
[Deadwool] The Dandy – trousers – brown
[Deadwool] Ernst sweater – grey
[Deadwool] Janus Duffle Bag – natural
!APHORISM! Leather Gloves -Carrying
!APHORISM! Leather Ankle Boots Male Onyx
* S O R G O – ClubMaster Dark (SG)


Scooter [sau]lamb[1.7]

Outfit #3

There you go! One for the moments you have to look serious. Like when you meet your future boss or go to a museum and try to look like you are decent and intellectual. Or you are the boss and try to make some serious impression to your employees even when you’re not having a clue how all that stuff works in your company.

Yann selfie with Chamber outfit


Suit:  Kauna – XIV Tweed Suit: Twill Grey

Glasses:   S O R G O ClubMaster Dark

Chamber with YemaAndretti


My second outfit in this blog and actually my favourite one. Comfortable and matching for almost every kind of situation.


[Deadwool] Gloster jacket – black –

JfL pork pie hat felt_black

BioTech pants black with suspenders

!APHORISM! Leather Ankle Boots Male Onyx (Slink)


Audio recorder .:Standby Inc. – ATR (Indigo)

7 – Lab Crates – Animated by Seven Emporium

*Y’s HOUSE* [Display] Old pine Table

*Y’s HOUSE* [Display] Old pine Bench


outfit 2-2

Time for another fashion blog!



for what?



Well, maybe you know me already from seeing me inworld Second Life or you know me from my flickr account. Maybe you like my pictures or you don’t. Either way nice you found this page and take a look inside. Maybe also there is something you can take from this page so it’s a benefit for all of us that you came here.

I will publish photos of my outfits here in irregular intervals. If you like to comment what I’m doing, feel free. Try being nice as it’s my first attempts doing this.

Best regards

Yann Whoa



GizzA – Brad Coat with Shirt / Scarf

HooLigann Ink Jeans 479

.Reckless. – FiftyTwo Glasses


* KATATI – Paper Clock *